Cribbs Causeway

Cribbs Causeway is a location just north of Bristol, England, best known for The Mall, a large out-of-town shopping centre. Cribbs Causeway is situated in Patchway, South Gloucestershire, near Filton Airfield. The primary access routes are the M5 Junction 17 and the Patchway bypass road. The Mall, with around 14 million visitors a year, is one of the two major shopping centres in the Bristol area, the other being Broadmead.

The retail area takes its name from the road that runs from the northern edge of Bristol at Henbury to a point just beyond the M5 junction. This route is the former Roman road from central Bristol to the crossing point of the River Severn at Aust, now parts of the A4018 and B4055. The name of the road itself is often said to owe its name to Tom Cribb, a famous bare-knuckle boxer from nearby Henbury. However, a book on the street names of Bristol states that this was proved wrong by the discovery of a map showing the current name dated to four years prior to his 1781 birth.[1] The book's author goes on to speculate that the true origin of the name may be from Crybe's dwelling (Crybe being a personal name), or from crib – a manger or hovel.

The Mall, opened on March 31, 1998, comprises 135 shops on two levels, although some of the large stores occupy more levels. The major businesses are Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Boots. At its centre point The Mall has a large fountain with a water display. Money thrown into the fountain is donated to local charities, the company reports it raises in excess of £10,000 a year for local charities[2]. Above the fountain is the food court.

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